Original Art for Sale

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Layaway and paying in installments is now available!


Beauty and the Beast painting $$2,700

Comic Book

Ultra Spiderman 96 Original Art Judas Traveller


Razor Ramon- 13.5"x 18" (Costume designed by Tom) WWE merchandise catalog- $1,000
Shawn Michaels- 16.5"x 23" WWE merchandise catalog- $1,200
WWE Legends- Watercolor- 17"x 30" $8,000
Bret "The Hitman" Hart-15.5"x 21"  WWE merchandise catalog art- $1,200
The Undertaker- 11.5"x 16"-  WWE merchandise catalog art- $1,200
Bam Bam Bigelo- 14.5"x 19"- WWE merchandise catalog- $600


Control Issues- Music CD cover- 12"x 12" $500
Aberrant core book cover- 29"x 15.5" $2,500
Watercolor/color pencil/acrylic
Lay Down with Lions book cover- 11"x 17.5" $800

Interior Art & Trading Cards

Watercolor/color pencil/acrylic

Fine Art

Watercolor/color pencil/acrylic/graphite
Watercolor/color pencil/acrylic/graphite
Watercolor/color pencil/acrylic/gold doily/graphite
Watercolor/color pencil/acrylic/silver doily/graphite


Watercolor/color pencil/acrylic
Watercolor/color pencil/acrylic
Watercolor/color pencil/acrylic

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